It's always great to learn a new language: Reem Shaikh

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Mumbai, Oct 7 (IANS) Actress Reem Shaikh says it's great to learn a new language.

Actresses Poorva Gokhale and Reem who play the central characters in the new fiction show "Tujhse Hai Raabta".

Since the show is set against the backdrop of Maharashtra, its cast members have been brushing up their Marathi.

Reem, who plays Kalyani in the show, is not well-versed with the language. Poorva, who plays Anupriya, is a Maharashtrian and has been helping her get the diction right. 

"It's always great to learn a new language and Poorvaji is absolutely adorable. She has been helping me a lot. She explains all the meanings very nicely to me. I remember the first time I told her that I wanted to learn Marathi, she had a huge smile on her face," Reem said in a statement.

Poorva said Reem is like her daughter.

"She keeps telling me that I should be more active on social media as it is in vogue right now. Reem is quite tech savvy and teaches me new tricks and tips. There is so much that I can learn from her and I totally enjoy her company," she said.