I wanted to work with Ranveer Singh: Vibhav Roy

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Mumbai, Jan. 30 -- Working with Mr Bhansali in Padmaavat was a memorable experience," says Vibhav Roy, who played an important role in the Sanjay Leela Bhansali directorial. 
His peers and friends were surprised to see him in the film. Vibhav says, "We had signed a nondisclosure agreement and therefore, I couldn't tell anyone that I was in the film. People were pleasantly surprised and I am happy with the feedback I have received for my role in the film. I got to learn a lot from Mr Bhansali and I was rubbing shoulders with Ranveer (Singh), Raza Murad saab and other wonderful actors. I have worked a lot in television but this is my first feature film. It is fulfilling to be part of it."
The Gustakh Dil actor thanks the casting director, Shruti Mahajan who got him on board. "Once you are shooting, Mr Bhansali gives you everything on a platter as he takes care of all his actors. He looks at everything in minute detail. He is very open to suggestions so it was fun to work with him in the film. I had done a video for the digital medium as I wanted to do more than TV serials and experiment, and I am thankful I got this chance. Films are, of course, a different world than the kind of infrastructure you get in television. I took up this film as I wanted to experience how it feels to work with so many talented people including the cast, crew and of course, Mr Bhansali."
Vibhav was a bit nervous working with Ranveer as most of his scenes were with him. "He is my favourite actor and I really wanted to work with him. He was very kind, helpful, encouraging and supportive. Usually stars are not approachable but on the contrary, he was like a friend on set and quite accommodating. When I was hesitant to ask questions on set, he helped a lot." Vibhav has another film releasing soon where he plays the lead and hopes to grab more eyeballs.