I don't consider myself a comedian: Kavita Kaushik

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Mumbai, April 14 -- Kavita Kaushik's portrayal of the female cop, Chandramukhi Chautala, in the hit comedy show, FIR, earned her praise from all quarters.

But after playing the role for nine long years, the actor decided to take a break from daily soaps last year, even though she did a few other projects on the small screen. Here, Kavita talks about her association with comedy, and more.

Do you think the industry has started taking comic actors seriously?

Yes, these days, comedy is ruling the roost. People who can pull off comedy roles are talented, as it is a difficult genre. But then again, the TV industry goes through phases.

Your name has become synonymous with comedy. Does sticking to one image help or harm an actor's career?

It depends. When I started my career 14 years ago, people loved the negative roles I did in many Ekta Kapoor (producer) shows. When I signed FIR, everyone wondered if I would be able to break out of that image. Now, people have forgotten that I ever did negative roles. Currently, I am enjoying the image that I have built over the past nine years. The idea of breaking this image can wait, as this is a fulfilling phase for me. I don't consider myself a comedian; I am a masala entertainer. I can't do stand-up comedy. I enjoy working on characters, learning a new language, and giving the audience a complete package. I am an actor. I don't just do comedy. I also add romance, drama, song and dance, to my shows. In my new comedy show, I will be playing an army doctor, who speaks Rajasthani. After Chandramukhi, I wanted to do a role that was equally strong. But I also want to do a serious or a negative role soon.

How essential is it for an actor to take a break?

I did a dance reality show, and also hosted a show for a brief period. After playing Chandramukhi, my body language had become a bit masculine. I needed to dance to loosen my body and to correct my posture. It was fun to do these shows. The break was enjoyable as I travelled too.

Your declaration of love for TV actor Nawab Shah was quite sudden.

I had to inform my friends and family about him. But I don't like talking about my relationship. I am also not one of those who flood social media with cute photos of their partners.