How TV actors are beating the heat!

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Mumbai, April 19 -- The rising temperatures and soaring humidity levels are proof enough that summer is well and truly here.

And though exposure to the constant heat can take a toll on anyone's health, television actors often have no choice but to continue shooting for their respective shows in the unforgiving sun. Here, some of them talk about how they beat the heat.

Ravi Dubey

While shooting outdoors, the best thing to do is not go to your vanity van often, as it just makes you sicker. It's best to sit under an umbrella, rough it out and focus on your work. Even when we shoot in AC studios, the heat can be intense because of the harsh lights used. You have no option but to bear the heat, sip on water and stay hydrated.

Aamir Ali

The best way to beat the heat is to mentally feel that you are shooting in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. It keeps you relaxed. Along with that, you should have lots of liquids and fruits, and get a good night's sleep. The toughest part is to shoot between noon and 3pm, when Mr Sun is killing us.

Mouni Roy

There is no way to beat the heat on the sets; we simply have to manage. I cringe, cry and wrap my head around the fact that it will be hot, and then do what needs to be done. The toughest scenes are the outdoor ones, where one has to run around. I drink juices and coconut water to avoid feeling dehydrated and cranky.

Karan Patel

I stay indoors as much as possible, but there are times when we need to shoot outdoors. I try to avoid wearing a blazer, as I am mostly seen in it on my TV show.. I stick to linen or cotton shirts, and keep a bottle of water handy. I don't eat fried food on long outdoor shoots. Moreover, these days, since it's so hot, I stick to fruits and light food that help me stay fit.

Deepika Singh

We actors have no control over where we shoot. I have tried to carry an umbrella, but it is pointless when we are constantly shooting. The worst time of the day is from 11am to 3pm, so I drink Electral throughout the day. This way, I am not dehydrated. Also, it is more effective than coconut water, which I have once a day. I have low BP, so I eat fruits to sustain my energy. I also apply sunscreen to protect my skin.