How Sourabh got a break on television!

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New Delhi, Sept. 17 -- Believe it or not, acting was not on actor Sourabh Raaj' Jain's mind, ever. The 31-year-old, who rose to fame with his portrayal of Lord Krishna in the popular television show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev, says he got into the profession by chance.
Here's how it happened: "My college friend and I would commute together as we lived close by. He also happened to be a model. Once, I accompanied him for one of his auditions at this hotel in Delhi, and he was inside the room, while I waited outside. There, Srishti (Arya; producer) saw me and asked me to audition. I had no idea of what it was like, but out of excitement, I said yes. Two months later, I got a call that I've got selected and that's how I came to Mumbai for Remix (television show; 2004 to 2006)," says the actor, who is working in a mythological show on TV.
Sourabh thought it was going to be a breeze but was in for a surprise. "Though I gave my audition comfortably, as I was taking it as a joke, when I came to Mumbai and started shooting, I found it challenging. I can never forget how difficult all of it was for me. There were times when my hands used to shake in front of the camera," says the actor, who has been part of shows such as Mahabharat, Parichay and Jai Shri Krishna.