Gunjan Utreja always wanted to entertain people!

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New Delhi, Nov. 29 -- Television actor and anchor Gunjan Utreja had always dreamt of making it big in the world of showbiz and he is glad that his journey from Chandigarh to Mumbai has paid off well. 
"When I started my journey, all I wanted to do was to be on stage or in front of the camera. I wanted to entertain, and do something that is loved by people. I am blessed to be able to turn my dreams into a reality, and to be able to do this every single day," says Gunjan, who has been part of shows such as Chajje Chajje Ka Pyaar and Madhubala: Ek Ishq Ek Junoon. 
Talking about how he polished his acting skills, he says, "I completed my Masters in dramatics from department of Indian theatre at Punjab University. This served as a solid training ground to begin with, and helped me improve my diction immensely." 
He adds, "Learning dialogues was never difficult for me. I read a lot - both in Hindi and English - and this helped me gain command over the language." 
The actor has hosted several reality shows as well."I have been busy hosting shows on TV. I love to host talent-based reality shows. There is so much of unpredictability in this format. It also gives me an opportunity to add my flavour in the show," says Gunjan. 
Is there anyone who he looks up to? "Shah Rukh Khan! His life is an inspiration. People can learn from him, despite their background and industry," he says.