Gautam Rode: Music helps me get into the mood..

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Mumbai, March 5 -- TV actor Gautam Rode is known for his intense roles in TV serials like Saraswatichandra, as well as his ongoing mythological show, in which he plays a warrior king.

The actor has apparently found a way to stay calm on the sets and also deal with his demanding character.

A source close to the actor says, "Gautam tends to get completely engrossed in a scene. So, he listens to music to relax and to also prepare for his intense scenes. He feels music helps him deliver the scenes more efficiently and smoothly."

Ask Gautam about this, and he admits that music helps him change his mood in no time.

"To be able to portray an emotion perfectly on screen for a daily TV show, it's important to feel a character. Many actors use glycerin to cry in an emotional scene, which means [they're] faking a moment on camera. I don't like to do that. I try to get into the mood of my character, and music helps me do that."