Every character helped me grow as an artist: Harshad Chopda

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New Delhi, March 20 -- Actor Harshad Chopda feels "lucky" to have got good opportunities on the small screen. In his career, which spans over a decade, he has had, "no regrets regarding the career choices" he has made so far. 


"The fact that I am being loved by the audience as Harshad, or the characters I have played, makes me happier. From Ali (Left Right Left), Akshat (Amber Dhara), Prem (Kis Desh Mein Hai Meraa Dil), Anurag (Tere Liye) and Raghavendra (Dil Se Di Dua - Saubhagyavati Bhava) to Sahir (Humsafars), every character has helped me grow as an artist. It has been gradual though; with every role, I have always learned something new. While Ali connected with the youth, Prem and Raghavendra connected with the more mature audience," he says. 


Harshad enjoys not only acting for TV shows, but also watching them. Is there any show that he wishes he was a part of? 


"Not really. I would rather wish that my dream run continues. [If we talk about] the shows that I enjoyed watching, it has to be Sarabhai vs Sarabhai, and Kahiin to Hoga, among others. The actors and the characters they played in it were so perfect that I would not like to change anything about them," says the actor who is happy that TV shows are adapting to new stories and formats.