Eijaz Khan is finding it difficult to find a rented house in Mumbai!

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You might think that being a celebrity is all hunky-dory, with the world at your feet but it has a flip side too. 
Actor Eijaz Khan, who has been a part of television shows such as Yeh Moh Moh Ke Dhaage and Kkavyanjali and the Tanu Weds Manu film franchise, is finding it hard to find a house in Mumbai.
Asked about the reason, he says, “There have been issues with actors in the past, since our shooting schedules are such that we come back [home] at odd hours. Also, where bachelors like me are involved, families look down thinking there will be parties thrown regularly too. Thus I tell people, who are hesitant to rent out their houses, that I am an educated person and have everything planned down to the T. So, hopefully they shouldn’t have a problem. But they don’t agree, and I have no idea why.”
The actor’s house hunt is accompanied by his family that includes his pets. “I live alone with my two dogs and none of us party. I don’t even play loud music. The last time I spoke about me not finding an accommodation, everyone on my social media account came to my rescue. I am going through the right channels this time, so I don’t have to face rejections,” says the 42-year old actor, who despite owning two flats in Powai, Mumbai, is looking for a rented accommodation, since he doesn’t want to live in a huge house, all alone.