Divyanka Tripathi talks about TV's Weinsteins...

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Mumbai, Dec. 26 -- Actor Divyanka Tripathi Dahiya is riding high on the success of her ongoing show. However, her journey in the industry was not easy - she had to give several auditions over a period of time, and even participated in a talent reality show to get noticed. 
In light of the Harvey Weinstein scandal in Hollywood, some actors in India, too, have spoken up about being asked for sexual favours in return for work, but haven't taken names. 
When asked whether she, too, faced such a situation, Divyanka says, "I've had such encounters. But I always knew how to stay safe and away from such people. Every girl has the gift of a strong sixth sense. They should trust their gut feelings and react accordingly. Thankfully, I always gauged their intentions, got out of the conversation, and protected my dignity."