Dheeraj Dhoopar: In films luck matters most..

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Mumbai, Jan. 13 -- Every actor worth their salt "wants to do films" feels Dheeraj Dhoopar, who is currently seen in a hit TV serial. 
Some time ago, the actor was supposed to sign a three-film deal with a production company but it didn't work out. He then went on to bag Ekta Kapoor's TV show, which turned out to be a success. 
"I believe in destiny. I used to get offers for films since people saw me in my earlier hit TV show but I wanted to wait for something good. This film deal sounded good but I guess destiny had a superhit show in store for me. I also got an offer to be cast in BA Pass 2 (2017) but by the time the makers got back to me after approving my look test, I had signed Ekta's show. However, I am happy that people considered me for the lead of their films. I want to do a big commercial masala film with makers like Karan Johar and Imtiaz Ali, singing songs and dancing to peppy numbers, but that will have to wait. Right now, it's television for me."
While Dheeraj is riding high on his success streak on television, he admits "right now, films are on a backburner". 
"We have seen many TV stars attempt films. For some like Sushant Singh Rajput and Ayushmann Khurrana it has worked out . Many others have not got the kind of films they wanted. When you work on a film, you go with certain conviction but there is no guarantee about how the film will turn out or prediction of its fate. People didn't have any expectations from Vicky Donor (2012) but it was a huge hit and established Ayushmann's career. Talent is important but to be successful in films, luck matters the most. You have to be there at the right time, at the right place. You should sign the right kind of film, it should be released at the right time and get the right kind of reception - all this involves a lot of luck (laughs)."
Dheeraj shares a theory a casting director told him. 
"Being a film actor, you are dependent on so many things and people. When you meet a casting director, he might like you or not. Once you get to the next stage, the producer or director might approve or reject you. If you end up in the film, it might get delayed for a number of reasons and finally when it gets released, your work might not get appreciation and even if that happens, you might not get a second film. Everything is a chain reaction in the industry. So being an A-lister requires a lot of hard work."