The boyish charm and lean look take a lot of work: Sehban Azim

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Mumbai, March 19 -- Working with friends is always wonderful," says actor Sehban Azim, who has worked with his buddies Jennifer Winget and Karan Wahi in different projects. 


The actor says, "Recently, I acted in a short film with Wahi, and it was appreciated a lot by the audience. I was overwhelmed by the positive response; I didn't expect that to happen. I hope my new TV show with Jennifer is also loved by everyone. We have good chemistry and our scenes have turned out well, perhaps because we have been friends for years."


Ask Sehban how tough it is to do romantic scenes with Jennifer, especially with rumours linking them, and he says, "Sometimes it's really awkward, and at other times, it's really easy, because you know the person so well. I know that people keep linking us even though we have been friends for longest time, but that doesn't bother us."


The Dill Mill Gayye actor recently started working out and is thrilled with the results. "There's a lot of hard work that goes into the boyish charm and the lean look. I never used to be a regular in the gym. But now I am enjoying working on myself and I think it is working. People are complimenting me on my physique and the lean look. My co-actors and friends tell me that I am in great shape right now."