Bharti Singh: Harsh helped me change how I think..

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Mumbai, Nov. 7 -- Girls feel more pressure than boys when it comes to getting married," says Bharti Singh, who is getting ready to tie the knot with her fiance, writer Harsh Limbachiyaa, this December. 
She continues, "We might have progressed in other areas, but the Indian mentality remains the same. Society still differentiates between girls and boys. Parents think who would marry their daughter if she gets fat. When a boy is fat, he isn't asked to lose weight, but a girl has to be slim in order to get married. Girls go into depression due to the pressure. They go to gyms and work out like crazy to lose weight, and that might not be easy for everyone," says the comedienne.
However, Bharti adds that Harsh has motivated her to feel confident about herself. She says, "I used to be quite negative, but Harsh helped me change the way I think, and that's why I am such a positive person today. He pampers me like a kid. I never experienced that, because my dad passed away when I was young and my mom used to work, so I missed being pampered. Women can go to any extent for the man they love, but when he appreciates them for the way they are and not the way he wants them to be, then they have a great relationship."
Bharti credits Harsh for encouraging her to dress in a certain way, embrace her looks and showcase them in the best possible manner. "I was unaware of how to go about grooming myself, but Harsh was helpful. Today, I dress up in designer wear and people compliment me on my looks and outfits. He told me not to be stuck up on the fact that I am fat and have a paunch. Plussize women can dress up in a stylish manner too," she says.