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Barun Sobti: 'I don't overrule time and plan my life'

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New Delhi, Aug. 21 -- It's been close to two years that he quit the small screen, but television heartthrob Barun Sobti's charm continues to woo his fans, even now.

In an exclusive chat with us on his birthday today, the very shy yet confident Sobti opens up about his birthday plans, turning 30, his new look, and his idea of a perfect date. Excerpts from the interview: Turning 30... How does it feel? Age doesn't matter to me. It's a special day and everyone at home, and my friends treat me well... that's what matters.

So where's the birthday bash?

There's no bash. I'll just spend time at home with my wife (Pashmeen) and my friends. Every year my wife gets a cake for me and calls my friends over... she has always done such li'l things to make me feel special.

Is there any particular birthday gift from Pashmeen that you still treasure?

Umm... yes, there is, but I don't want to say, it's too private.

How did you spend your birthdays as a kid?

It has always been very simple even when I was a kid. I'd cut a cake at our Kirti Nagar home in Delhi in the evening with my sister and parents. But yes, one thing that I really looked forward to was going to school on my birthday because that was the only day we could skip wearing the uniform to school.

So, you didn't like going to school otherwise?

I always liked going to school because my wife was in the same school.

Oh! So, the two of you have been going around since school days?

Not as kids. We were always good friends, but I think, we started liking each other since we were in the ninth standard.

And who first proposed?

Nobody (laughs). It just happened.

And what about taking her out on dates - what's your idea of a perfect date?

See, it used to be very simple for us ... It still is in fact. A hamburger and a drive would make for a great date... Dates are not about what you do, but who you are with.

You are hardly ever seen making a public appearance. Why?

I don't find a reason to make an appearance unless it's for a cause that I want to support. In showbiz it's like a whole package, you have to have an active PR team to market yourself, you have to have articles published on you every other day but I feel if I'm good enough, I don't have to do any of that ... people will like me for my work.

You've buffed up of late. Is it for your Bollywood projects?

I've always loved working out. Given a chance, I'd be out on the field all day. Of late I got a little break from my shoots during which I've been playing a lot of squash and football.

And what's with your long hair?

In one of the films that I've been working on, I had to keep a longer hairstyle. The shoot for my other film will resume in September-October and that, too, needs me in a long-hair look so that's why I'm not cutting my hair.

Does your wife like your new look?

It's new to others, not for her, she sees me every day (laughs). We've never seen you in a reality show. Would you ever do a Bigg Boss?

Never. I can never stay caged in a house for days like that. I'll be hungry, I'll get cranky, and all that I can't show viewers, that's only for my family.

Where do you see yourself five years, from now?

I don't plan all this. Time will tell what I will be. I don't overrule time to plan my life.