Ammaji aka Meghna excited to play a cop on the silver screen

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NEW DELHI, Aug. 2 -- Actor Meghna Malik will be returning to the silver screen after a gap of two years. Her last outing was in the 2016 film Zubaan, where she played the role of a mother. In her upcoming film, Moksh to Maya, the 46-yearold will be portraying the role of a police officer.

Best known for playing the role of Ammaji in the TV show Na Aana Iss Desh Lado, Meghna recalls meeting Haryanavi women police officers a few years back, before she joined the film, which is directed by Manoj Singh.

"I was a bit lucky in a sense that before signing for the movie, I had a beautiful experience when I was invited at the opening of the All- Women Police Station in Haryana. There, I got to interact with all the officers," she says. "Then, as an actor, one looks for cues, and tries to understand the little [nuances] about the personalities from [that] profession for a character one might play in the future." 

The film was shot in Rajasthan, and Meghna adds that she had the "added privilege" of interacting with some cops while shooting, which helped her to prepare better. 

"I got to meet officers who were present at the location, and the set became more of a learning ground for me. I interacted with them over tea and understood more about their work, which helped me bring those nuances to my role," she says, adding that they shot at a real police station and "I enjoyed every moment of being in the uniform."