Actress Nia Sharma: I've always dreamt of being a diva..

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Mumbai, April 25 -- Nia Sharma is looking forward to the next season of her web series with Vikram Bhatt. 

She says, "I didn't know if I could pull off such an edgy character and thankfully the response was good. Now, with the story going forward, we have experimented in terms of fashion and my look. I hope people like it. I may look bad (laughs). Not all my experiments turn out to be successful. Sometimes you get too excited about something but it doesn't work out as you expected and you feel bad."

Ask her how much she relates to the characters she plays and she says, "I can't be playing myself as I am silly and not polished at all. I am like a girl-next-door who says what she thinks and talks incessantly, and maybe even irritate or bore you to death. For my role in the web series, I had to be polished and talk slowly as the character has gravitas. But my fashion sense does reflect in the show. I love dressing up and this role was a good way to be whacky and experiment with my looks."

Nia is known to be quite bold and confident, and doesn't mince her words. Has expressing your opinion ever backfired? The Jamai Raja actor says, "No. People have always appreciated the fact that I speak my mind. I always speak the truth and I am honest in my approach. I take it as a compliment that I can be honest. There is no point sugar-coating things. Being honest saves time. I would rather be honest and not have friends than otherwise."

After working with Bhatt, it has been reported that she is doing a film with the filmmaker but Nia denies it. "I don't know where it came from. People should have checked before reporting. I am not doing any film with Vikram. He is happy working with me on the web series. We have mutual respect for each other as professionals." But are films on her mind? "I am looking at good roles, not the medium. I do get offers and meet film-makers, but I don't want to announce my plans to the world. I will let people know when the time is right."

One of the few things people always talk about regarding the Khatron Ke Khiladi contestant, is her fashion statement and bold outlook. "When I entered the industry I was the same girl. But back then, social media wasn't as important so people didn't know me. Since I have been working, I fulfilled my dreams of buying good clothes and experimenting with style and fashion. I never tried to be someone else. I always dreamt of being a diva. I don't have a fashion sense and I'm not glamourous. When a guy says I look hot, I laugh because I know how I look. I have no competition with other girls as I know they are better looking."