Actor Sehban Azim turns poet!

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Mumbai, Jan. 30 -- Actor Sehban Azim not only loves to act but also enjoys writing poetry. The Dill Mill Gayye actor started writing poems nine years ago and pens them in Hindi, English and Urdu. 
"As a kid, I was good at rhyming but I feel that I had a block about expressing my thoughts. In fact, I started writing after my first major heartbreak around nine years ago," he says.
The actor, who was featured in TV serials Thapki Pyaar Ki and Humsafars, says he has received good feedback for his poems but hasn't published them yet. "I'm glad that people could connect with them. As a writer, I like to go with the flow and don't like picking a topic or deciding beforehand what to write next. I won't call myself a professional. For me, it's just a thought or an idea that I pen down. A good poem is one with simplicity."
He adds, "If you are able to convey or express your emotions in a few words and without any contradiction, then the poem is written well. So I just want to voice out those nuances, emotions and thoughts for myself, and for the ones who can relate to my poems. It's important to read and write a lot, and it will come through."