Aashim Gulati performs action scenes despite injury!

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TV actor Aashim Gulati, who suffered a shoulder injury while training for his character of Karn in StarPlus' mythological show "KarnSangini", keeps performing action scenes for the show despite his injury.

Aashim said in a statement: "When I signed up for the show, I was told to make my body look raw and lean for which I started training heavily. I even started learning boxing to increase my agility. In the process of the training, I injured my left shoulder and had to take a break for one and a half months."

But injury did not stop him from acting. Aashim came back on the sets and continued to shoot with high energy.

For a particular sequence, Aashim had to even jump from 15 ft, along with a bow and arrow that weighed 10 kg.

"It took me 23 takes to get the right shot. Despite the pain, I did not stop as I wanted to give it my best after which I was on bed rest for a week.

"I have slowly started working out all over again to strengthen my left shoulder and hopefully I will be able to start going back to my training very soon," the actor added.