Aashim Gulati faced a lot of rejection!

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Mumbai, Oct 17 (IANS) Actor Aashim Gulati says there was a time when he had to face "a lot of rejections".

"I am originally from Delhi, so when I shifted to Mumbai for work, I faced a lot of rejections. I did not let this negativity get to my head. It has been four and a half years since I have been chanting and infusing positivity in my life," Aashim said in a statement.

He made his debut on the small screen with "Gulmohar Grand" in 2015.

Aashim is now playing the role of Karn in "KarnSangini", which is set in the backdrop of the Mahabharat.

"Karn, who was a very skilled warrior, failed to receive the recognition he deserved and had to prove himself all the time. I relate a lot to Karn. Hence, I decided to take up this role," he said.