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Aamir Khan to shoot Satyamev Jayate at Dashrath Majhi's village

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In 2012, Aamir Khan received an overwhelming response for his TV show Sayamev Jayate that highlighted several sensitive social issues prevalent in India.

With season two coming up now, Aamir has another novel idea up his sleeve.

"He will begin his journey on Satyamev Jayate 2 from the very spot where Dashrath Manjhi started breaking a mountain to carve a road all by himself," says a source close to the actor.

Dashrath Manjhi, from Gehlaur in Gaya, Bihar, became a living legend when he single-handedly carved a path through a mountain. From 1960 to 1982, he dedicated 22 years of his life to this endeavour.

Aamir had touched upon this story in an episode titled The Idea of India in season one.

"He was very impressed with this man, who was working towards something that seemed impossible at the onset. Aamir was keen on meeting his family, but he couldn’t go last year. That’s why he will visit his village and shoot that part of the episode on Saturday (February 22)," adds the source.

Aamir says, "I think Dashrath Manjhi’s story is inspirational. His life tells us what one single person is capable of achieving, if he or she is single-minded and does not give up. It (his story) makes us believe that nothing is impossible."