Aakriti Sharma from 'Kullfi...' recalls her first autograph moment!

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"Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala" child artiste Aakriti Sharma says she gave her first autograph to her school friends.

"When I went to school a few weeks ago, the entire school stood outside my class waiting to take pictures and my autographs. I was really overwhelmed by their response and patiently met everyone. 

"I gave my first autograph to my friends in school and I felt very nice. They told me how much they love the show and my acting," Aakriti said in a statement. 

As a gesture, Aakriti now wants to get her "friends on shoot so that she can spend an entire day with them post exams".

"Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala", which airs on StarPlus, tells the story of seven-year-old Kullfi and her talent of composing a song on every situation.