Aakanksha Singh: I've haven't been idle..

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Mumbai, March 22 -- Actor Aakanksha Singh was 21 when she debuted in the TV show, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha (NBTNMKK), where she played a 28-year-old widow. 


Actors rarely take up roles where they play older characters, but the show was appreciated by the audiences. Aakanksha says she is looking for a role that satisfies her as an actor. 


"I have been offered many roles, including some from reputed banners, but I am hungry for good roles," she says, adding, "A good, powerful character is what I look for. It does not matter to me if a banner is known or unknown. The character I play should be worthy of every shot."


After NBTNMKK ended in 2013, Aakanksha played a character around her own age in Gulmohar Grand in 2015, and recently appeared in a short film with Zarina Wahab. But the actor reveals that she was working nonstop over the past two years. 


"People think that when TV actors do not have any show in hand, they are idle at home. I have been away from television for some time now, but I have done innumerable TV commercials and recently finished a short film under a known production house. Last year, I was part of Badrinath Ki Dulhania, and by the end of 2017, my Telugu movie, Malli Raava was released, where I had the lead role. I am always in for creativity. I do not mind sitting at home and waiting, but the role needs to give me a kick for it to be exciting."