Trouble in Shah Rukh-Gauri's paradise?


By Hindustan Times
Shah Rukh Khan's link-up with his Don co-star Priyanka Chopra has reportedly not gone too well with wife Gauri. The Chopra girl has apparently accused Gauri Khan's good friend Neelam Kothari for spreading the rumours.
Kothari took to Twitter to clear the air: "Don't know how to react to a certain article that has come out today, claiming that I am responsible for starting certain rumours. I'm shocked and hurt with these allegations!! This is the first time in the whole of my career I have been dragged into a controversy.. Not fair at all!! Gauri and Sharukh happen to be my dear friends and will continue to be so.. Would never say anythin derogatory about them(sic)."
It was also reported that PC and Neelam even had a spat over the issue. However, Neelam denied saying: "As for Priyanka Chopra... No we have never had a fight.. Get your facts right people!!(sic)."
Family man Shah Rukh Khan has stumbled in a link-up controversy for the first time in his career. However, he's keeping mum on the controversy, proving silence is the best answer.
Priyanka and SRK have always openly admitted their fondness for each other. The two share a great rapport and have worked together in Don and its sequel.