Tom Cruise on Mission Mumbai!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Nov. 10 -- Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise has sent a crack team of specialists to Mumbai. Their create a docket on the city for the actor, who is likely to touch down in December for two days to promote his upcoming biggie, Mission: Impossible -Ghost Protocol (MI: 4).
"Tom's team is also looking into security measures, travel routes, food and hospitality, and examining medical facilities in detail before he confirms his visit to India. A couple of days ago, his team also visited a multiplex in the suburbs," says a member of the team that's organising the visit.
Also, Tom has apparently asked for information on the history of the city and its population. apparently working out arrangements to fly the 49year-old actor down on his private jet, accompanied by an entourage of about 20-25 people. "Right now, his team is deciding upon four countries -China, Hong Kong, Dubai and India. If things are confirmed, he will fly out to Dubai from India itself," says the team member, adding that Cruise has almost confirmed a visit to South Korea too.
Although Anil Kapoor -who also stars in MI: 4 as Indian business tycoon Brij Nath -has previously confirmed in interviews that Viacom 18, the film distributors, will host his famous costar, a final call will be taken after the team submits a report on its findings to Cruise.
Interestingly, they have already identified a top local hospital in case emergency medical aid is required for the star. Viacom 18 Motion Pictures, who hold the distribution and marketing rights to MI: 4, refused to comment on the "highly confidential" subject, but insiders maintain it's common procedure for international stars like Cruise to conduct recces in foreign cities they plan on visiting.
"Tom is a very involved star. So, he has been discussing India at great length with Kapoor. The trip will be special because he's always wanted to visit the country," adds the team member. A few months ago, Cruise even tweeted his interest in Hindi and thanked Kapoor for teaching him a few words.
When contacted, Kapoor confirms the arrival of a recce team, saying, "This is a routine exercise internationally. But I am not at liberty to talk about it in detail." The industry grapevine suggests that Tom will make the visit along with wife Katie Holmes and daughter Suri, who's probably the world's youngest globally recognised fashionista.