There’s nothing controversial about me: Akshay Kumar


By Hindustan Times
Actor Akshay Kumar claims he has never been dragged in late night party brawls or mudslinging in public unlike his counterparts, and he says he’s not that kind of a guy. “I have nothing to hide. There is nothing controversial about me. Whatever I have achieved has been after a lot of hard work and struggle. I don’t want to lose anything in life,” said the 44-year-old on his recent visit to the Capital.
Why does he stay away from parties? “I don’t enjoy parties. I prefer going to sleep around nine and waking up early and going for my workout,” he says revealing how he shoos temper away. “I don’t practice mediation to keep anger at bay. It’s just my nature that I don’t get angry that easily. I haven’t been involved in any violence till date. I don’t think violence is the answer to everything but in the same breath, I can also say it sometimes becomes essential. If anyone says anything wrong about me, I don’t answer them back because my father had taught me that ‘if dogs bark, we don’t have to hit stones at them’,” he says.
Akki also slams rumours suggesting that his wife, actor-turned-designer Twinkle, is pregnant. “No, that’s not true,” he says.