Sunny Deol: 'Oscars is not for Bollywood'


New Delhi, April 2 -- The strongest man in Bollywood, Sunny Deol, 57, may be acting opposite Kanagana Ranaut, 26, in an upcoming rom-com, but his son, Karan Deol, 21, is also set to make his acting debut in Bollywood.
"Karan is taking a year or two to groom himself and when I feel he is ready, we will definitely launch him," shared Deol, on his recent visit to the Capital. Karan has assisted in the making of an upcoming film, that stars Sunny, Dharmendra and Bobby Deol. Asked if he thinks Karan has it in him to be a superstar like his father and grandfather, Deol said, "When I came to the industry, nobody knew that I would be what I am today. It's only when you do a film, do you really know what you are."
Deol also spoke about actor Sanjay Dutt's recent prison sentence: "It's a very delicate issue and it is best to let law take its own course. I am sure he (Sanjay) has the strength to go through this. We are praying for him."
He also spoke about Indian movies vying for the Oscars, and said, "Those awards (Oscars) are for America. It's their way of rewarding their talent. How can we compare ourselves with them, because their culture is different."