SRK, Sunny patch up after 16 years


By Hindustan Times

They were foes for 16 years, but not anymore. The enmity between Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol has just ended, thanks to a seven-hour flight from Toronto to London.

Just when everybody had given up hope to reconcile things between the two, the actors themselves decided to revive their

Shah Rukh Khan and Sunny Deol who were returning from IIFA Awards had a common destination to reach i.e. London. They started bonding at the Toronto airport and continued to chat till the end of their journey.

An eyewitness told Mumbai Mirror, “Shah Rukh and Sunny even made a conscious effort to sit together on the flight. They were constantly seen chatting, sharing a lot of information about their work and families. By the time the aircraft landed, it was as if they never had a problem. Everybody who knew them on the flight was pretty astonished because Shah Rukh and Sunny are both headstrong individuals, who don’t forget and forgive easily.”

Interestingly, even Subhash Ghai could not really help the two bury the hatchet. Things started to sour between the two when SRK got all the adulation for Darr, while Sunny Deol was the lead actor in the film. The actors could not see eye-to-eye since then.

The eyewitness added, “Bobby Deol also joined them on the flight. Shah Rukh was very comfortable with Bobby as well. Now, it is clear that all is well between Shah Rukh and Sunny.”