SRK, Shirish can't be best of friends, feels Farah Khan


By Hindustan Times

Farah Khan has lost and found good friend SRK and now the director-turned-actress says she'll never force her husband Shirish and SRK to become best friends, reports a daily. The Shirin Farhad...actress admits she has become closer to SRK's wife Gauri after the 'slap fiasco'. "I
am close to Gauri now. She really initiated and played a big role in restoring our relationship. She knows I genuinely love Shah Rukh."

Farah has also accepted the reality that Shirish and SRK can't be best of friends. "It’s like when you are newly married, you always try to get your mother and your wife to be best of friends but with time you come to terms with reality. I know Shah Rukh and Shirish will never be best of friends but they know that it is me they both love. I will never force them to become best friends but only want them to be comfortable with each other. Today, they have an understanding."

Well Farah, hope you and SRK make a good team in Happy New Year.