Srk-Priyanka Rab ne bana di jodi!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Jan. 18 -- Good morning chocolate chips! I'm rather excited about the day today. My chahnewala from Bahamas, who was supposed to be down on the weekend, is actu ally arriving in the middle of the week. So, I have a lot of preparations to do, since my cold is also gone and my military of employees is also with me. Before we get cracking on all this, let me share some tadkedaar gossip with you.
All those whose tongues were wagging, first about Priyanka Chopra and Shah Rukh Khan not getting along, then about them getting too close for comfort and later about the actor's wife Gauri snubbing the leading lady and not inviting her for their Christmas bash, will now shut up. PC and SRK, who lifted an award for the best jodi of the year for Don 2 at the Colors Screen Awards, just proved to the world that they were thick buddies, na zyada, na kam.
After their award was announced, the duo was taken aside in a room for a photo-op with their trophies. Before the photographers could take their pictures, they even got into a funny conversation about the jungli billi winning an award the same night for the best villain of the year.
SRK, jokingly, began claiming his ownership on her trophies too, which she was ready to give away to him after arguing in a melodramatic manner. Eventually, they even noticed that their trophies had an 'S' cut out on it, which made them laugh even further because that's also the initial of SRK's name. Basically, they were out to prove a point that they couldn't be better friends. Point noted.