SRK: Bring on the romance!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Dec. 1 -- Francois is finally ready with my breakfast, served in my favourite gold and my favourite gold and ruby goblet, a family heirloom bought from the treasures of Louis the XV. He seems to be in such a good mood, that I'm tempted to ask why the heat hasn't fried his brain yet.
Well if Shah Rukh Khan can handle the heat he received after RA.One, this little spike in the weather is nothing, says Frenchie. Good point, I must admit. Now he says that SRK has learnt his lesson, and is going back to his romantic roots for his next project, Chennai Express.
Tired of jumping off buildings and leaping onto moving cars, the only stunt King Khan wants to perform now is to sweep his leading lady off her feet. He's asked director Rohit Shetty, who had already designed the movie with plenty of action scenes, to add some more lovey-dovey moments, which the star is most comfortable with. From breaking bones to breaking hearts, there's no part of the anatomy, that SRK wont mess with.