A special gym for Bipasha!


Mumbai, June 1 -- Bipasha Basu never takes her workout regime for granted. In fact, the actor ensures that her fitness routine find a place in her schedule irrespective of her personal or professional commitments. So much so that Bipasha requested the makers of her next, Creature, to set up a small gym on the sets, so that she doesn't miss out on her workout sessions.
The actor is currently shooting for the film in Ooty and does her exercise during the breaks. "Bipasha's role requires her to be fit. We have made sure that she gets enough time to for her workouts," says Vikram Bhatt, the director of Creature, adding, "She has been given a separate gym. Because we are shooting during odd hours, the gym has been specially kept open throughout. She can hit the gym even at 3 am now."
Bipasha, who is pleased that the makers have considered her request, confirms the news saying. "A gym has been set up for my training at the film set," says Bipasha.
Also, since the film needs her to be in perfect shape, the gym will help enhance her look. "She has to maintain a certain toned look for the 3D film and is going all out to work on her body, even if that means working out in a small set-up miles away from home," says a source close to the actor.