Sonali: Mom's the word


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Oct. 20 -- Aha, I must admit this is some sensible news. My jasoos from Juhu tells me that Sonali Bendre Behl sure seems to be the most samajhdhaar mom in B'town these days. Tell me about it, I order and he says that she's ensuring that her kids imbibe the right sasnkaar at an early age.
So, Sonaliji has enrolled her son Ranbir at a neighbourhood institute for learnings of the Gita. Aur pata hai kya? Since she knows that children are also subject to peer pressure, she's got her son's friends to join the same classes too, so that they can also cultivate the right morals in their formative years... and consequently, neither Ranbir nor his friends will wrongly influence anyone in the group. Point to hai!