Sonakshi Sinha brushes up her skills for upcoming film


In her next film, Lootera, Sonakshi Sinha plays a zamindar’s (land owner) daughter, who has been sent to Shantiniketan. She’s a painter and writer who enjoys the finer things in life. Now we’ve heard that for the film, she’s wielding the paintbrush too.
Sonakshi is apparently a trained artist, who learnt painting during her college days. A source close to the film reveals, “It’s been very long since she painted, so before starting work on the film, she practised a lot at home to brush up on her skills.”
Director Vikramaditya Motwane was keen that the actor gets the body language of a painter right. There’s even a scene where she teaches co-star Ranveer Singh to paint. The source adds, “It’s painting and the passion for it that gets the two characters close, and Vikramaditya has captured their romance beautifully in the song ‘Sawar loon’.”
Ask Vikramaditya about this and he says, "Sonakshi’s character loves painting. In the film, there are quite a few scenes where she is shown painting. Her being trained in the art was of great help as she understands the body language, posture etc. better than someone who hasn’t learnt painting professionally.” Coincidentally, Sonakshi’s first ever co-star, Salman Khan, too, enjoys the art.