Son Viaan is Raj Kundra’s priority


By Hindustan Times

On Father’s Day, businessman Raj Kundra says his world revolves around his three-week-old son.

Actor Shilpa Shetty’s husband, businessman Raj Kundra can’t stop gushing about son Viaan. “Amazing” is how he describes the time he spends with the little one.

“I am loving it. I didn’t go to work for two weeks (after Viaan’s birth). I see him first thing in the morning every day. In fact, Shilpa says, ‘You don’t miss me anymore, you only miss him’.

And, I’m like ‘I can’t even speak to him on the phone,” he says. But this means less time with Shetty. “She has to wake up with him (Viaan), clean him, bathe him, feed him... I feel a little pinched but I understand that he needs her more than he needs me now,” says Kundra. However, the couple is not complaining. “We are quite accomodating, we knew it would happen,” he says, also revealing, “(But) Shilpa doesn’t let me kiss him too often. She’s like, ‘Aap baahar se aate ho’.”

Kundra may have pockets with no ends, but he says that he is going to teach his son the value of money. “If he tells me, ‘uske paas yeh gaadi hai ya yeh cheez hai’ I’ll probably give him the cheapest one, and if I see that he understands the value, I’ll give him something ten times more expensive,” he says. At present, Viaan’s nursery is stocked with toys, musical instruments and clothes from international labels gifted by Shetty’s friends. Sharing his Father’s Day plans, Kundra says, “I’ll spend the whole day with my son and wife at home.”