Son of Sardar Team: 'We have made the corrections that were requested'


By Hindustan Times
MUMBAI, Nov. 1 -- In a country like India, it has practically become a mandatory ritual for films based on a particular community or minority to get the approval of the representatives of the group, to make sure it is in harmony with their sentiments.
The makers of the soon-to-release Son Of Sardar (SOS) did the same. "We have shown the film to The Punjabi Cultural Heritage Board (PCHB) and they loved it. They have asked for some corrections which have been made," says Ajay Devgn.
Some time ago, the board had raised an objection to certain dialogues and scenes in SOS. President Charan Singh Sapra suggested that the necessary edits be done in time for the release.
"We pointed out about four to five changes. For instance, there's a dialogue in the film, where Ajay says, 'Agar sardar na hote, toh hum joke kispe banate? (If there were no sardars, who would we joke about?)'. That made us look like jokers and we didn't want that," says Sapra.
And what did the makers do about these changes? Sapra says, "They held a special screening for us on Tuesday evening. Most of the changes were made then and the rest we were guaranteed would be done before the film went to print. But we really liked the film and we're happy they heard us out and made the required changes."