SIMPLY BEBO! Kareena Kapoor on the cover of Notch!


By Hindustan Times
Today's 'it' girl, Kareena Kapoor, is one of the few people who have lived up to the reputation of the term 'Rising like a Phoenix'.
Even though her debut film Refugee was a box-office disaster, she has worked her way to the top to become the 'Numero Uno' star in Bollywood.
And it is this 'Numero Uno' star who also happens to be the cover girl of the launch issue of the magazine 'Notch'.
On one hand, her latest offering to the silver screen that comes in the form of Heroine is earning her accolades, on the other, she looks gorgeous on the cover of this mag whose headlines reads 'Simply Bebo: At Her Non-Conformist Best'.
Meanwhile Kareena Kapoor is making waves with her latest release Heroine.