Sidhu ordered out of Bigg Boss 6?


By Hindustan Times
Navjot Singh Sidhu is out of Bigg Boss 6. And while the stated reason is that it’s the call of duty that forced the cricketer-turned-politician to quit the TV show, buzz has it that the sudden ouster was an attempt to save the BJP MP’s tarnishing image on the show, in view of his confession of
having cheated in a cricket match as well as his growing proximity to other inmates, including hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani.
Sidhu was let out of the Bigg Boss House on Friday after his wife, Navjot Kaur, appealed to the channel, Colors, to let him quit the show so that he can campaign for BJP in the upcoming Gujarat elections. “I got a call from Gadkariji’s (BJP president Nitin Gadkari) office that my husband is needed for partywork. Modiji (Narendra Modi) really loves him, and probably he wants him to be present for the campaign,” Kaur told HT City.
Confirming this, a spokesperson of Colors said, “We received the request from Sidhu’s wife to relieve him from the Bigg Boss house urgently so that he can resume work with his party.”
However, when contacted, BJP spokesperson Prakash Javadekar expressed surprise at this. “Why would the party force him to enter or leave a TV show? It is not an important matter for us,” he said.
Sidhu’s sudden exit from the show is raising eyebrows, especially considering that it was always known that Himachal and Gujarat elections were around the corner. When asked if his confession of having cheated, or his conduct prompted the move, his wife said, “No, not at all. His conduct is perfect in the house. He’s not close to anyone in particular. As for the cheating bit, it’s not a big deal. Itna toh game mein chalta hai."
Ex-inmates are surprised at the channel having allowed him to quit midway. “According to the show’s contract, if you self-exit then you have to compensate with a heavy fine,” says ex-contestant Kamal Rashid Khan. “We decide on a case to case basis if a penalty is levied,” clarified the channel spokesperson. “I’m very surprised that Sidhu is out. I thought he would go on to win the show. Jab naam hi hai Sidhu, us se siddhi prapt hoti. I wish he did not leave,” says Dolly Bindra, an ex-contestant.