Siddhartha Mallya: Unaffected!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Feb. 6 -- Hmm, I'm quite intrigued by what has been reported about my dearest Deepika Padukone and her rumoured lover Siddhartha Mallya. I'd put Sandra from Bandra and Sher Lock Holmes on the job to find out the latest.
Sher Lock is yet to get back to me. But Sandra reports that the Mallya boy is completely unaffected. Instead of reacting to the 'reported' break-up, he has been talking to people about the IPL auctions, buying and selling players, and spending time in LA, where he was born. He has even been partying around and living life kingsize.
I reserve my comments till I get to know what's up with his supposed lover Deepika, who opted out of Race 2 suddenly.