Shirish Kunder's Joker among Akshay Kumar's lowest openers


By Hindustan Times

Akshay Kumar might have distanced himself from Joker promotions, but the film's failure at the box office has surely affected his track record.

The movie has garnered Rs. 4 crore on Day 1 with average occupandy of 20%. "#Joker Friday numbers are poor in India and international markets. Amongst @akshaykumar 's lowest openers." tweeted Taran Adarsh.

The Shirish Kunder film opened to poor reviews and the film failed miserably at the box office too.

"Joker proved to be nothing less than a joke on it’s opening day at the Domestic box office. The movie started on a real poor note and should make in the likes of 4 Crores on it’s Day 1. It is shocking to see how an Akshay Kumar film can have an opening day average occupancy of 20%," reports

The fact that Akki was not present for the promotions might have affected the film's prospects. But why did the actor choose to give Joker promo events a miss? Here're some conspiracy theories that are doing the rounds:

TROUBLE No. 1: 3D effects axed

“Joker was meant to be a kids’ film and that too in 3D. Akshay was really excited about it. When shooting began, Shirish assured him that though they were not shooting in the format, it will be converted to 3D during post production,” a source told Mumbai Mirror.

Somewhere down the line, Shrish felt that 3D was not a good idea.

TROUBLE No. 2: Visual effects trouble

While Akki wanted to get a team for visual effects from Hollywood, Shirish didn't like the idea. “It was while dubbing for Transformers that he was introduced to the special effects team and wanted Joker to benefit from his resources,” the source told the tabloid.

TROUBLE No. 3: Differences over final edit

“Akshay wanted some changes in the final edit. Shirish, who is an editor himself, does not like being told what to do. That’s when Akshay began to distance himself from the film,” the source was quoted by Mirror.

TROUBLE No. 4: Slighted by Shirish, Farah

“He has never really tomtomed about the many little things he has done for them - not even the massive discount he got them on the sprawling penthouse they recently bought and moved into. Or turning a generous blind eye to the many budgeting issues that came up while they handled production,” a friend of Akshay told the tabloid.

TROUBLE No.5: Creative differences

It is said that Akshay Kumar is not happy with the film creatively and this is the reason for the clash between the two. It is also known that Akshay will never be working with Farah Khan and Shirish Kunder now, according to Mid Day.

A source told the tabloid, “Akshay Kumar is someone who would never leave a film incomplete. His past record proves that he has never left a film mid-way. He was creatively dissatisfied with the film as he felt cheated that whatever was promised to him was never delivered. In spite of all this, he completed the film and then decided to distance himself.”