Shahid Kapoor’s trainer roped in for SFL


By Hindustan Times

Actor Sanjay Dutt and businessman Raj Kundra, who have joined hands to churn out the action reality show Super Fight League (SFL), have hired actor Shahid Kapoor’s trainer, Abbas Ali, for the contestants this season. “I’ve personally hired him and I love his knowledge of the subject. His
approach is unorthodox and he trains you as per your requirement,” says Raj, who was impressed with Abbas’s skills.

Apart from preparing 16 contestants in strength and functional training, Abbas is also grooming them. “There were lots of issues with their basic fitness levels because they had never been professionally trained before,” says Abbas.

The trainer also got very little time to get the contestants into the groove of the game. “I got eight weeks on the job. They were trained in individual skills like boxing and karate, but not as fighters. I had to keep in mind not just the time limit, but also their recovery time from their skill training. Due to my regimen and their individual training, they would get very exhausted,” he says

However, there was no different routine for the male and female contestants. “Just hormones separate men from women, otherwise we are all equal,” he says. In the show, fighters will have to live, train and compete with their opponents to become the ultimate challenger and earn a fight contract with the esteemed Super Fight League.

Fitness at home:
* Eat healthy and nutritious meals every three hours
* Do not eat artificial foods
* Stay away from maida (refined flour), sugar and fried foods