Shahid and I get along fine: Priyanka Chopra


By Hindustan Times
If reports are to be believed, her ‘friendship’ with Shah Rukh Khan has taken a toll on Priyanka Chopra’s ‘relationship’ with Shahid Kapoor. The once-good-friends refused to give joint bytes or even pose for pictures together during a recent shoot of a coffee commercial at Madh Island. The duo preferred to go solo and talk only about the brand they endorse rather than each other.
Ask Priyanka if what was reported was true and she replies with a “yes and no”. She points out that since they were rapidly losing natural light, it was the director of the ad film who suggested they interact with the media separately. “This way he could shoot with one of us, while the other gave interviews and not lose a day’s work,” she reasons. “Please, there are no issues, Shahid and I get along fine.”
Prod her on SRK who earlier this year had played peacemaker for the warring duo on a flight from South Africa, and Priyanka clams up. “I don’t want to speak about all these rumours. They’re upsetting and make me so angry. Shah Rukh is someone I look up to.”
Meanwhile, Shahid and Priyanka are returning to Madh Island to shoot a qawwali for Kunal Kohli’s epic love story at a lavish set designed to recreate pre-partition Punjab. Priyanka seems relaxed about the next encounter with Shahid though she’s quick to add that the film is not an epic love story and nor is it titled Teri Meri Kahani.
“It’s a rom-com set in three different time frames—1920, 1960 and 2012—and we’re still looking for a title. Shahid and I play characters from three different eras and there’s no ‘rona dhona’ (melodrama). It’s a young, fun love story,” she says.
And though the qawwali is from the ’20s, they have already shot a ‘Aaj kal tere mere pyaar ke charche…’-like Brahmachari number from the sizzling ’60s with Shahid looking like a young, suave Shammi Kapoor in a tux and Priyanka making a perfect modern-day Mumtaz. Wonder if this time they will be in sync in Madh again, provided, of course, the light doesn’t fade again.