Shah Rukh has harmed and humiliated me: Manoj Kumar


In 2007, Shah Rukh Khan’s Om Shanti Om (OSO) first released with a scene in which he covers his face with his palm — an inimitable trademark associated instantly with veteran actor Manoj Kumar. However, the iconic star didn’t take the matter lightly. Feeling insulted by the representation, he eventually demanded that the scene be omitted from the film. The makers obliged.
A few weeks ago, the film was re-released in Japan. Unfortunately, in the version that hit theatres there, the scene wasn’t edited. And when a source informed Kumar about the same, reports about him taking co-producer Shah Rukh to court surfaced all over again.
In a candid conversation, Kumar reveals why he wants Shah Rukh to personally apologise to him, what urges him to call director Farah a liar and more.
Did you contact Farah after the film’s release in Japan?
Yes, I called her when she was in Japan for the premiere of OSO. But she said that she was too busy, and that’s why she couldn’t watch the film. She said she was unaware of the situation, of whether the scene was deleted from the film or not. Farah thinks I am too innocent; she thinks I won’t catch her lies.
Reports say you’re suing the makers for Rs. 100 crore. Are you?
I am not filing the case for money.
What kind of action are you planning to take now?
I am filing a civil and criminal case against Shah Rukh and Eros International (co-producers). I can’t keep forgiving them. Constantly forgiving is also a crime. I am terribly disturbed. My family is getting humiliated. My grandsons’ friends ask them if I am really the way I am presented in the film.
Shah Rukh has harmed and humiliated me. He has injured the integrity and soul of my family, which cannot be repaired. He’s not what he claims to be. His manager has sent me an apology letter, but my solicitor and I want his apology, not anyone else’s.