Sanjay Dutt: Flights for kids!


By Hindustan Times

Mumbai, May 27 -- Hello hello my icy candies! How goes the sizzling summer with you? I'm taking it easy because there is no point getting all hyper about anything. So let's not bother about the be-imaan weather woes... and instead get started on the chatpata nuggets from glamour gaon that no one else will tell you about. So read on sweetums...

Sanjay Dutt is one doting daddy... and can't stand being away from his kids, son Shahran and daughter Iqra, for long. The last time he was on a long outdoor spell in Hong Kong earlier this year, he ensured they too flew there with momma Maanyata to spend quality time with their daddy dearest.

But now, he can't fly them to Diu in Gujarat, where he's shooting with Hrithik Roshan for the Agneepath remake. Sher Lock Holmes explains that it's too hot in the coastal Union Territory and Sanju baba doesn't want his kids to bear the brunt of the bereham mausam.

So instead, the actor's chartering private jets to fly back to Mumbai for the weekend... so he can spend quality time with his children. And come Monday morning, he flies back to resume shooting in Diu.

Interstingly, Sanju's sporting a near-bald look as the villainous Kancha Cheena, originally played by Danny Denzongpa. But he's not gone for a close crop, and instead has opted for prosthetics. Chalo, badhiya hai.