Salman-Vijay: 'No compromise'


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Jan. 20 -- The war between Salman Khan and Vijay Galani is turning out to be more interesting than the fights in their movie, Veer ( 2010).
Reportedly, the actor sent the producer a legal notice last year for non-payment of dues amounting to R 15 crore after he learnt that despite telling him that the film had flopped and he should cut down on his agreed price, Galani had declared a profit of R 10 crore.
When the notice was ignored, he filed a complaint a with the FWICE following which the workers' body issued a no-cooperation directive against him according to which he can't start a movie till dues are cleared. Galani denies receiving a legal notice, reasoning that there's no document or contract to substantiate the claim. Putting forth the same argument with the AMPTPP, he has had the non-cooperation move dismissed.
"According to the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the AMPTPP and the FWICE, a non-cooperation motion can't be passed unilaterally. In this case it was issued only by the workers' body and they have not been able to produce anything on paper to support the artiste's claim," points out Galani.
Mukesh Bhatt, chairman of the Joint Core Committee of Producers, has asked the FWICE to arrange a meeting between Salman and Galani. Till then, the non-cooperation move remains withdrawn. Galani is ready to meet but prod him on whether they'll arrive at a monetary compromise, and he says, "There's no evidence on paper that any money is due, so why would I compromise?" During Veer, Galani was talking of making another film with Salman.
Remind him and he says, "I'd love to work with Salman again. I've met him many times since Veer, twice in December, and he's never brought up this subject or talked negatively about me. We are still friends, it's some vested interested who are trying to create differences between us."