Salman Khan not doing Sher Khan for now


By Hindustan Times
Salman Khan will turn Santa this Christmas with Dabangg 2. The schedule of the sequel to the 2010 film flagged off on March 9 and is being shot on a huge set that recreates Kanpur at Mumbai’s Kamal Amrohi Studio. “It’s going well,” says the superstar who recently shot a qawwali with Sonakshi Sinha for Arbaaz’s directorial debut.
Next, he’ll flag off a film with brother Sohail, before starting work on Sajid Nadidawala’s Kick. “Sohail’s film is not Sher Khan. We will make that later. It’s ambitious and there’s too much of ‘tam jham’ (complications). This is a different script,” he says, refusing to divulge more details. “You have to see it.”
He also intends to return to TV and Bigg Boss, but doesn’t know when the next season will go on air: “Soon, I hope. I like people watching me for free.” Meanwhile, he’s decided to take a break that could range from a week to a month, between projects. Also, he wants to devote more time to raising funds for his charity, Being Human.
Last August, Salman was away in the US during Ganesh Chaturthi and Eid, undergoing surgery for Trigeminal Neuralgia, commonly known as the ‘Suicide Disease’. During an angiography, it was discovered that four-five nerves were wrapped around a vein and there was an aneurysm in the back of his head. This was causing him a lot of pain. “I can’t have ice or anything cold. I can’t eat… I can’t do anything,” he’d admitted.
Eight months later, he says the aneurysm has reduced, but is still there. The pain comes back too. “There’s not much we can do, but with advances in medical sciences, maybe elaaj ho jayega (I will be cured).”
With cold, the pain escalates and for Kabir Khan’s thriller, Ek Tha Tiger, which is lining up for an Eid opening, Salman admits he has been shooting in some exotic, but cold, countries like Ireland, Cuba and Turkey. “Each place was colder than the last one,” he shivers. “Even in Cuba, it rained and then there was an earthquake but that was far away from us. But it’s going to look beautiful on screen.”