Salman Khan: Life on wheels!


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Aug. 25 -- Howdy my darling masala kachoris! How goes it on your side of the world this morning? I'm too tied up with cleaning, cooking and even washing clothes because my maid and my dhobi have refused to turn up at work today. It's a boon and a bane together. Boon, because I'm saved from the all the trash that could be dished out to me, and bane because I'm completing their jobs since morning. Phew!
Before I get completely drained, I must tell you all that I've heard and seen from my Bollywood bureau of eavesdroppers, gossip mongers and spies. Here you go! For starters, Sher Lock has taken the lead. He says that Salman Khan has been running short of time for his exercise routine.
The actor spent a lot of time shooting for Bodyguard. And he is currently spending large chunks of the day promoting the film through various platforms. So, where's the time for exercise? My dayalu hero has found his alternative way to workout everyday. He has started cycling to work.
Salman has three-four Mercedes cycles with multiple gears. Every morning, Sher Lock says, he starts from his home, Galaxy Apartments, Bandra and reaches various places in the city on his cycle. It takes him over an hour at one go, but he peddles his way to work these days to ensure that the promotion and his workout go hand in hand. Kamal kar diya pandeyji!