Salman khan: Follow me not


By Hindustan Times
Salaam namastey and all that my reshmi kebabs! What goes with you in your zindagani? As always, plenty is happening in mine... thanks to all the information from glamour gaon that is exploding into my ears, courtesy my various khabrus. So without digressing, let me get straight to the point.
That Salman Khan loves to cycle every morning when he's in the city, is a commonly known fact. So much so that his fans would follow him when he went pedalling along Bandstand stretch on his high-end foldable cycle. However, all excess attention started getting to the actor. Can't blame him na!
After all, for how long can a celeb be signing autographs and posing for photographs with his fans? Seems like there was no respite even when he went cycling at as early as 4 am. Reason: Some of his die-hard fans would spend the night outside his apartment complex to be able to catch him early subah subah.
So now Sallu drives to Carter Road with his cycle folded up and kept in the rear of his SUV. Relieved to see that nobody is chasing him there, he gets his cycle out, unfolds it and goes pedaling along the seaside stretch for at least half and hour, before folding it and heading back to workout in his personal gym. Phew!