Salman-John: FACE OFF?


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Nov. 17 -- Good morning, spanish omelettes! I'm just preparing to leave to see the newborn in the Bachchan family. I can't wait to find out who the girl resembles, paa or maa, or paa ke paa or paa ki maa! I'm just waiting for the florist to drop my customised bouquet of lilies and orchids at my doorstep. I don't intend to go empty handed. Till the delivery boy comes, let me deliver some hot goss from Bollywood.
OMG! Yeh kya hua! My udti chidiya from Karjat has parked herself on my window and is chirping that she's found that Salman Khan and arch-rival John Abraham, who haven't seen eye-to-eye in the longest time, are going to come face-to-face on the sets of Bigg Boss 5 this Saturday.
John is expected to go on to the show with his Desi Boyz co-star Akshay Kumar, whom he became the best of buddies with during the promotion of their film that releases sometime this month. John-Sallu's dushmani dates back to the time when Johnny boy was supposedly getting too close for comfort to Sallu's then-ladylove Katrina Kaif.
However, what transpired between Sallu and Kat is history. But now, I'm wondering what's going to happen when old foes come together after such a long time. Considering they have Akki and the show's host this season, Sanjay Dutt, around, I'm hoping they'll behave like pukka desi boyz, who won't fight again over another girl. They'll probably hug and bury the hatchet. Watch this space for more!