Rohan Sippy: 'Buniyaad is a benchmark'


By Hindustan Times
Mumbai, Nov. 15 -- If all goes well, director producer Rohan Sippy, like his contemporary Sanjay Leela Bhansali, will open the doors of his production company to make television shows.
The filmmaker admits he's planning to set up an entirely separate division that will handle the production for TV shows. His father, filmmaker Ramesh Sippy, who will return to direction next year with a romantic thriller, will be the happiest if the plan succeeds, considering one of his earliest TV productions, Buniyaad, which he directed, is still considered a classic.
"Buniyaad is a benchmark. The way TV shows were produced at that time was so different from today. The content was great but technology was still nascent. It's a specialised field today and I'll need the right mix of hands and minds to start production," says Rohan, whose first musical Broadway opens in Delhi at the end of this month and in Mumbai early next month. "Dad's work is always inspiring. But his time was different. Today, everything needs huge infrastructure. I have to do a lot of planning before it all gets going."
The filmmaker plans to produce fiction content first, which is likely to be followed by non-fiction shows too. "Come what may, I'd never attempt to remake Buniyaad. If you have to revisit a classic -whether a movie or a show -you need a script that makes you forget the first one," says Rohan, who is also working on a couple of scripts, one of which will go on floors next year.
When asked if he'd be open to judge a TV show or host one for that matter, Rohan laughs, "I can't judge for peanuts! I was asked to judge one of the film contests and I couldn't do it because I can't be judgemental about other people's work. That's a critic's job and I'm not one. I can't see myself as a host either. But I didn't ever see myself doing a musical. So, never say never."