Robbie leaves Asha high and dry


By Hindustan Times
New Delhi, Nov. 21 -- Asha Bhosle, who recorded an album with British pop singer Robbie Williams, is now clueless about the status of the same. "Robbie is going through some crisis in his life. He is probably unwell," says Bhosle, who recorded with Williams earlier this year. "The album is ready. We recorded the remix of his hits, Rock DJ and Better Man, as a duet. But, after that, I am clueless as to what happened to it. Robbie and I haven't spoken since."
The songs were expected to undergo a complete makeover, with sounds of traditional Indian instrument like the tabla, sitar and sarangi.
Bhosle reportedly recorded her part in India with instrumentalists from China, India and Singapore. Morton Wilson from Schtung Studios and his team worked on the tracks in Hong Kong as well.
The remixes were expected to be made available for mobile downloads this year. It was also reported that a Bollywood producer had approached Williams to feature the duo's collaboration in his upcoming film. "You know what kind of lifestyle these angrez people (foreigners) have. Who knows what he ate, drank or simply did to himself? Last heard, he was in some kind of trouble. So now I don't know if and when the album is releasing," Bhosle says.
Currently, the 77-year-old is elated about her live music album with Ustaad Shujaat Khan, which released on Thursday. "It took me back to my early days when we had day-long rehearsals and recordings. We recorded with live musicians, so we couldn't make mistakes," says Bhosle.